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Why You Should Exercise During Cancer Recovery

Cancer is exhausting. Cancer is scary. You have enough going on; doctors’ appointments, treatment, your family, perhaps your job. Why do you need to find time to exercise?

You want to be at your best when you are with your family, friends and loved ones, right! To recover your strength and stamina your body needs exercise. Look in the mirror, you deserve to be the at your best, and exercise can help you get there.

There are lots of studies and research to back this up:

There are many reasons to exercise during cancer and during treatment. It is beneficial in so many tangible and intangible ways. Your body has special needs when you are recovering from cancer, so be sure to have someone like a Cancer Exercise Specialist design an exercise program for you.

I specialize in this area and can design a program tailored to your specific needs. Give me a call if you want to learn more and we can discuss your particular situation.

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