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BLT’s and Summer

Summer is a glorious time of year. I love the warm weather. I love wearing dresses and flip flops. I love staying outside all day. I really love going to the farmers market and taking advantage of the availability of so much fresh produce! If you can, buying local is the way to go. We’ll do a separate post about the farmers market later.

I want to have a word about BLT’s. Is there anything better in the summer than a vine ripened tomato sitting on top if crispy bacon? But bacon, you say, it is not really healthy! And to that, I say you are right. That is why we try to limit our bacon to once a week during the summer. I don’t want to deprive myself of something that I only eat during the summer with the fresh tomatoes, so I make the healthiest BLT I can.


Uncured bacon or uncured turkey bacon


Whole wheat toasted bread

Heirloom tomatoes, sliced

Fresh greens

Fresh basil, whole leaves

Salt & pepper to taste

If you want a healthier alternative, the quality and flavor of turkey bacon has really improved the last few years, so that’s a good option. Also, be sure to use uncured bacon. Many of the bacon brands you find in the supermarket are cured with nitrates. The WHO has declared nitrates a carcinogen. You can find brands of both regular and turkey bacon that are uncured, and they taste great.

To make your sandwich as healthy as you can, go light on the mayo, or replace the mayo with mashed avocado and load up on the tomatoes and lettuce. One thing I like to add for a wonderful flavor boost is fresh basil. Trust me, you need to try it.

So, while we want to make good food choices most of the time, don’t deprive yourself of something you love.

Make the healthiest version of it you can and don’t overindulge. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I am going to savor every bite of my delicious, healthy-ish summer BLT.

Bon Appetite!

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