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Stephanie Ensor Smith

  • Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

  • Personal Trainer

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist 

  • Red Cross Certified CPR Instructor



Meet Stephanie

Food, Laughter and Exercise are the Best Medicine

I am a breast cancer survivor with 15 years experience in the fitness industry training, teaching and encouraging people.  My passion for helping people is what drives me, I really enjoy seeing people get healthy and achieve their goals. 


In March 2020, I went in for my annual exam and received the news no one wants to hear, I had stage one breast cancer.  Since it was the start of Covid, I had to wait three anxiety filled months before I had my procedure.  The surgeons were able to completely remove the mass and thankfully, they were able to get it all.  Wow, I felt a wave of relief as God comforted me and I also learned that I did not need chemo.  Finally, some good news.  God is good.

During my post operative time off, I researched what I had to do to get back in shape and I learned about the Cancer Exercise Specialist certification from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute.  After talking things over with my husband, I signed up and started studying.  The thought crossed my mind that someday I could use this as a way for me to take my experience and help others. God has a way of turning lemons into lemonade.    

Several weeks after my reconstruction surgery I put together my physical recovery plan, got my doctors clearance and began to do my initial therapy work out.  A few weeks later, I met with my physical therapist and showed her my workout plan.  She said I was doing great and to keep doing what I was doing.  With this affirmation, the idea for me to use my fitness background to help individuals and cancer survivors began to blossom and grow into the business that I am doing now.    

Today, thanks to God’s grace, I help people from all walks of life improve their fitness as well as cancer survivors to help them stay on track once they are finished with physical therapy and have their doctor’s approval.  If this is your situation, I can work with you one on one or in a group setting.  I am also a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, so besides physical training, I can help you with your dietary needs because nutrition is an often-overlooked part of a healthy lifestyle.  


I want Fit by Design to become a community individuals and cancer of survivors from all walks of life where we can support each other as we go through the roller coaster of emotional ups and downs we encounter daily, especially when recovering from cancer or other medical treatment.  


Let me know if you want to learn more about my services, and have a blessed day.


What I Specialize In

Survive & Thrive:

Personal Training for Cancer Survivors

One on One Personal Training

Fitness with Friends: Yoga, Pilates and Group fitness classes with your friends

Healthy Cooking Classes &  

Friends Night Out Cooking Classes

Red Cross Certified CPR/AED Training

Description of Services

Stretching Together

Fitness with Friends: Yoga, Pilates and Group Fitness Classes with Your Friends at Your Location

Looking for a something different to do with your friends or a team building event for your business.  I custom design an on site, one hour workout event specifically designed for you and your friends or team. Give me a call to discuss the various options like yoga, pilates or other group fitness classes that are available.  Prices vary depending on the specifics of the event.

Making Fruit Salad

Friends Night Out Cooking classes

Invite your friends and family for a personalized cooking class in your home.  We will enjoy menu planning and shopping beforehand, and then we will cook together with your friends in your home.  Minimum 4 people, maximum 8 people.  Food and laughter are the best medicine!


Survive & Thrive Personal Training for Cancer Survivors and One on One Personal Training

This package starts with a thorough fitness assessment so I can design an exercise program just for you.  The Survive & Thrive program is specially designed to meet the specific needs of cancer survivors. This is an in-home offering so you can exercise in the comfort and privacy of your home.  Each session lasts one hour, and you will be given exercise assignments for days we are not meeting.  For best results, three months are recommended but not required.

Pilates Work Out

Healthy Cooking Classes

Nutrition plays a very big role in the maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It is extra important when we are in the process of  recovering from medical treatment. We are what we eat, and we need to eat well.  If you are confused with all the food options out there, let me help you choose the foods that are tasty, nutritious and healing.

Cooking Class

Adult and Infant CPR/AED Training

I am an American Red Cross certified CPR instructor.  This is an important step to take if you are part of a small business, fitness facility or even a group of friends.  We will use Red Cross approved equipment to teach you how to properly use an AED and perform CPR on both adults and infants.  Upon completion, the Red Cross will mail certifications.  Please call for a phone consultation where we can discuss your needs and schedule a training class.

Sat on the Rocks

"Let Food be thy Medicine"


“Stephanie is a light in the fitness world.  We need more trainers like her!  She is passionate about fitness and that is evident in her approach - she knows her stuff.  If you’re looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals, look no further.”

Annie Yoho
Cancer Survivor
Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

I have had the privilege of knowing Stephanie for 10+ years and working with her and along side her in the health and fitness industry. I'm always amazed at her ability to push you while also being your biggest cheerleader. She never makes you feel less than or judges you by your size, shape or ability. Also, she has a true servant's heart and absolutely loves what she does in this field. The knowledge she carries accompanied by her true love and care for her clients is unmatched. I have no doubt any one that works with Stephanie will walk away with success and a full heart.  She truly is the best.

Amy Hughes Cancer Survivor, Spin Instructor

"I love the way Stephanie offers such a wide range of exercises in her classes.   She varies our workouts so they are never boring, making sure her classes are always fun and effective.  I love that she gives me so many options for both high and low impact moves when I am working out with her.  I have been taking Stephanie's classes for over 10 years and highly recommend her classes."

CiCi Fox 
Longtime Class Participant

Book Now

Food, Laughter, & Exercise are the Best Medicine

Book a Class Today

  • One on One Personal Training designed to meet your personal needs.

    1 hr
  • Personalized Diet and Nutrition Planning

    2 hr
  • Learn Healthy Cooking Skills with Your Friends

    2 hr
  • Red Cross certified Adult & Infant CPR/AED training

    4 hr

Let's get Fit and Healthy

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